49624 - Ethics, Technology, and the Environment

A new era of Planet Earth’s history has been diagnosed: the Anthropocene. According to this diagnosis, human economy, technology, and civilization have become the dominant driving forces of the planetary development which implies a huge increase of human responsibility for the environment and for future generations.

This block course addresses ethical challenges related with the technological advance in the Anthropocene. It introduces basic concepts of the ethics of technology as well as of sustainable development, including methods of performing sustainability assessments of technology. Different and partially controversial approaches to achieve more sustainability will be presented and discussed. Theoretical work will be accompanied by practical examples. Students will be encouraged to develop their own perspectives on responsibly approaching the future by shaping and using the technological advance and its products adequately.


הקורס יועבר על ידי מרצה אורח:

Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald, KIT, Germany


The lecturer

Armin Grunwald, Prof. Dr., studied physics, mathematics and philosophy. After occupations in the industry he received the venia legendi for philosophy. Since 1999 Armin has been head of the institute for Technology Assessment and systems analysis (ITAS) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), since 2002 also director of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB). Today Armin is also a full professor of philosophy and ethics of technology at KIT.


הקורס יינתן במרוכז בסמסטר ב' בתאריכים: 15-11 ביוני 2017 בין השעות 16:30-20:00. ביום שישי ה – 16 ביוני בשעות הבוקר, תיערך בחינה. הקורס יעניק 2 נ"ז.

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